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How To Flip Used Cars For Profit

The most complete guide ever assembled teaching you how to turn your passion for cars into a full-time money making hobby that you’ll absolutely love doing!  Learn the ins and outs of how to make it in the competitive market known as flipping cars.  This guide combines 35 years of in the trenches experience, article writing to help you become a master car flipper in no time.

Now it won’t be easy, but the mistakes that many newbies make and even seasoned veterans, will be EXPOSED in this guide. Check out below to see exactly what’s in the program.

Here’s What You’ll Learn…


Module 1 – Laying The Foundation ($97 Value)
  • Discover What Kind of People Should NEVER Flip Cars and Why They Never Create a real business (overlook this and you’ll be one of them).
  • Car Flipping 101 (Fundamentals That All The Gurus Have Mastered)
  • Find Out What Personality Types Are Regarded As the Douchebags Of The Car Flipping Industry (and exactly how to avoid being one of them)
  • Riches In Niches Formula (Learn how focus in and not being the jack of all trades will make you MORE money)
  • Learn Exactly Who You Need On Your Team To Flip Cars For Profits Fast (Without This, You’ll Sell 75% less cars)


Module 2 – Let’s Talk About The Money! ($97 Value)
  • Exactly how much you should have in your back account to start you car flipping business
  • 3 step formula to knowing how much money you’ll make flipping a car
  • How you can get started flipping cars with $0 in your bank account (not the fastest or easiest way but we teach you how it’s done)
  • Birddog Effect - How To Make Money Flipping Cars As A Middle Man Using Other People To Do The Work For You


Module 3 – Finding Your Flipper! ($97 Value)
  • The number one sign that you should RUN away from a car and not even think of purchasing it to flip
  • Rookie Mistake - How Falling In Love With The Cars You Find Will LOSE you money
  • How to find sellable cars to flip in your local area (your competition will overlook these places, leading to easy money for you)
  • The Road Test- The way to know if a car is in great driving condition (most people don’t bother to think this far, and it ends up costing them in the long run)
  • Learn how to discover a hidden gem to sell where others would often overlook and pass on easy money (finding the hidden treasures)
  • The red flags that you should know so you don’t waste your time on cars that you can’t make a buck on (Speed Wins When It Comes To Making Money)
  • How To Maximize Your NetWork to Improve Your NetWorth (Easy Yet Deadly Tactic To Finding Cars To Flip)
  • Cutting Edge Strategies To Get A Car For Less Without Losing The Deal


Module 4 – Pimp Your Ride! ($97 Value)
  • The first thing to do when you buy a flipped car and you’re a newbie in the business (skipping this can ultimately cost who LOTS of money)
  • The secret tool you need to discover instantly what’s wrong with any car
  • Eye Test- How To Make Sure Your Flip Car Passes The Most Important Test (If it fails this, your chances of selling the car is slim to none)
  • The quickest way to add value to a car for less than $100 (Only Rookies fail to do this)
  • Run Away Principle – Learn when a flipped car is not worth buying
  • Biggest blunder most top season vets avoid that makes them net huge profits and how you can do it too 

Module 5 – The Selling Factor  ($97 Value)
  • How to identify the best places to get reliable car parts and service
  • Where To Find Car Parts At BARGAIN PRICES
  • 5 Ways To Market Your Flipped Car For Maximum Exposure
  • How To Find The Best Detailing Products To Make Your Flip Car Shine (So Simple, You’ll Smack Yourself For Not Knowing This)
  • The Mindset You Must Have To Get Your Flipped Cars Serviced Fast And Effectively (This is the secret to flipping cars fast)
  • 3 Little Words You Can Tell Any Person in The Car Business To Save Money Without Pissing Them Off

When You Act Now, You Save Big!

This guide could easily be as much as $497 however you will pay no where near that today.  When you get this guide you will get ALL 5 modules for the price of ONE!  The entire “How To Flip Used Cars For Profit” can be yours for the ridiculous low price of only $14!

This basically means for the cup of a coffee per day, you can own the manual that’s responsible for helping a man make a living doing what he loves, dealing with cars!  Because of this severe discount we won’t be able to keep it at this low price for long, so it’s best you ACT NOW by hitting the “Add To Cart” button below.


34 Pages Of Pure Applicable Content!


The Flip Used Cars For Profit 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

“Put the “Flip Used Cars For Profit’ to the test for 60 days and if you’re not simply blown away with the results you’ve gotten then just send us an e-mail (no later than the 60th day from today) and we’ll be glad to refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked, no bs”  - Larry Goodman


Kiss That Crappy Job Bye-Bye

Being stuck at a dead-end job that you hate dreaming of cars, doesn’t have to be the case anymore.  You can now live your dream out and make money selling people used cars and actually make a great living doing it.  The days of being a sneaky used cars dealer are fading away, and now is the best time to start owning your very own used cars selling business.

It won’t require much money from you, and this guide includes all the tricks of the trade to be successful.

You cannot afford to not take advantage of this opportunity!  Doing so, is leaving a life of having fun doing what you love and making some serious money in the process.  It’s a win-win situation!

34 Pages Of Pure Applicable Content!  All Yours for only $14.00

Important note:  This course is available as a instant download.  Once your order has been processed you will be taken to the download page where you can download the entire Flip Used Cars For Profit Guide, including all 5 modules!

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